Roller Packa 1: Technical Information

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Technical Data

Dimensions: 330mm (H) x 104mm (W) X 104mm (D)
Weight: 580g / 21oz
Bearing Size Range: 35mm - 95mm (NB: Outermost Bearing Diameter)
Bearing Type: Any open cage roller bearing or unsealed ball bearing
Grease Type: See bearing manufacturer for exact specification

Preparing Your Roller Packa for Use:

IMPORTANT: Always use protective gloves when packing wheel bearings with grease.

Bearing grease cartridge with retaining clip
Place retaining clip on base of cartridge.
(14oz / 400gm Packa only)
 Bearing Packer Outer Cone  Gasket Ensure black gasket is in place in yellow outer cone.
 Bearing Packer outer sleeve Slide the blue sleeve over the cartridge.
 Piston Insertion Insert the Piston into the cartridge and screw the yellow cap onto the blue tube.
 Bearing Packer Systems Roller Packa 1 Your Packa is ready to go!
Wheel bearing grease cartridge
TIP: Don't discard the used 450g grease cartridge: it is perfect as a replacement cylinder liner for your Roller Cleaner 1.

To Grease a Bearing Using the Cone Plug Method

Bearing Packer inverted Invert the Packa and on the workbench.
 Cones Together Remove the blue end cap and blue cone plug.

 Bearing and 2 Cones Place the bearing and the cone inside the Packa as shown.
 Grease Packed Hand Apply downward pressure ONLY on the blue cone, until bearing is greased sufficiently.
Removing greased wheel bearing Lift the bearing out using the blue cone plug and repeat for each bearing.
 removing excess grease from the cone When all bearings have been packed, use one finger to remove the grease from the yellow cone, and use the grease to pack the bearing hub.
 replacing cone plug to seal wheel bearing roller packer Place the blue cone plug back into the yellow cone to seal the Packa.
 placing cap on the end of the roller packa 1 Return the end cap for clean storage, or...
 Roller Packa on storage system ...return the Packa to the Shelf and Plate Holder.

To Grease a Bearing Using the Plate Plug Method

(Used for larger 4x4, aircraft and light truck / commercial vehicle wheel roller bearings)

Bearing Packer inverted Invert the Packa and on the workbench.
wheel bearing plates Select a plate to suit the bearing from the four plates supplied with the Packa.

NOTE: Plate must fit as shown, blanking off the axle base whilst keeping cage unobstructed,

 Placing the plate and bearing into the yellow cone Place the plate and bearing into the yellow cone.

Clamp fingers firmly against yellow cone as shown.
pressing down on inner race of wheel bearing
Apply pressure with thumbs to inner race of the bearing. The plate will rise on the grease. Take care to ensure the plate is centered, adjust if necessary.
wheel bearing greased evenly
Whilst holding this clamping force, press the entire Packa downwards until the bearing is adequately greased.
 lifting greased wheel bearing from cone Lift the bearing out of the cone for fitment.
removing excess grease from wheel bearing plate When all bearings have been packed, remove the plate, and the grease off into the outer cone.
 replacing plate back on roller packer storage system Place plates on Storage System. Residual grease will keep plates in place and keep dust away from plate surface.
way to pack bearings video stillway to pack bearings video thumbroller bearing packer video thumbpack large bearings video thumbroller bearing cleaner video thumb

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6  -  U4Z0014 MOD.jpg

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Stamp showing Save time, mess & stress packing lube bearings.

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