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Still Packing Wheel Bearings the Old Way?

Save Yourself Time,
Mess and Stress

Changing and greasing wheel bearings by hand can be a horrible job. It's messy, wasteful and takes ages. Up to now, bearing packers have been clumsy, complicated and equally time consuming. Surely there's a better way?

Introducing Roller Packa 1: The Quick, Clean, Efficient way to Grease Wheel Bearings!

  • Wheel bearings are greased perfectly every time
  • Spend only a few seconds each time with hardly any preparation
  • No wasted grease and rags: use only the amount you need for the job, with minimal mess
  • Takes standard grease canisters and seals them cleanly between uses
  • Stores away tidily on stand when not in use

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Clean Bearings Just as
Simply and Quickly

Your Roller Cages & Bearings: Cleaned in Seconds!

Replacing and Preparing Old Bearings is now just as Easy!

  • Completely removes all traces of old grease and grit - in seconds
  • Little preparation required and simple to use
  • The same high quality, durable design
    as Roller Packa 1.

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