Roller Cleaner 1: Technical Information

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Technical Data

Dimensions: 330mm (H) x 104mm (W) X 104mm (D)
Weight: 615gm
Bearing Size Range: 35mm - 95mm (NB: Outermost Bearing Diameter)
Cylinder Liner:  Standard-sized 450gm Grease Cartridge Liner. Comes complete with pre-oiled liner and is ready to use straight out of the box.

Before using this tool, be sure to wear gloves, suitable eye protection and ensure you are in a well-ventilated area. Some cleaning fluids are flammable, so be sure to follow appropriate workshop safety practices.

To Use Roller Cleaner 1 to Clean a Wheel Roller Bearing:

Bearing Packer Outer Cone  Gasket Ensure that the black gasket is in place inside the yellow cone.
 Piston Insertion Ensure that the piston and O-ring are sufficiently lubricated.
 roller cleaner 1 with cleaning fluid Select a suitable container and cleaning fluid. Remove the black cone plug from the Roller Cleaner.
 wheel bearing on cone ready for cleaning Place the black cone plug - point upwards - in the container.
Place the bearing - large diameter upward - on the cone as show.
 wheel bearing submerged in cleaning fluid Fill the container with cleaning fluid.
Roller Cleaner 1 about to clean wheel bearing Prepare the Roller Cleaner by fully depressing the piston shaft to the bottom of its travel.
 Fully depress the bearing cleaner Place the yellow cone over the bearing and slowly draw cleaning fluid through the bearing by pulling the piston upwards.
flushing cleaning fluid through the cage and rollers
Repeat 4 or 5 times to flush the cleaning fluid through the rollers and bearing cage.
wheel bearing thoroughly cleaned by cleaning fluid
Complete the process by fully depressing the piston shaft to the bottom of its travel to remove all of the fluid from the cleaner.
Bearing on Inner Cone  Completely cleaned
Remove the bearing from the container and dry the fluid from the bearing.
Roller Cleaner 1 Maintenance: If fluid weeps from the vent holes of the yellow cap, replace the cylinder liner and/or the O-ring as required.

IMPORTANT: If using compressed air to dry the bearing NEVER allow the bearing to  begin spinning: be sure to hold the cage to prevent cage and rollers from rotating on the race.
way to pack bearings video stillway to pack bearings video thumbroller bearing packer video thumbpack large bearings video thumbroller bearing cleaner video thumb

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Stamp showing Save time, mess & stress packing lube bearings.

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